The innovative, environmentally friendly and solar-powered vehicles of ETF-SOIOS are the answer to a growing environmental awareness and awareness of the polluting effects of contemporary transport systems. They are the perfect solution to people and/or to transport goods in an environmentally responsible manner.

ETF-SOIOS fits seamlessly in the tourist industry, business and the building industry. The vehicles are perfect for amusement parks, zoos, open air museums and beach boulevards, as well as holiday parks, airports or even parking lots. The applications are endless. 

ETF-SOIOS vehicles use the inexhaustible energy of the Sun through solar panels on the roof. If necessary, the batteries can be further supplemented using green AC power. The result: a surprisingly large daily range. The tensile force of the electric motors is huge.

ETF-SOIOS vehicles can carry up to 96 people and a mass cargo, even in a hilly area. Loaded with solar power and green power, the burden on the environment is minimal.

ETF-SOIOS vehicles virtually maintenance-free. This applies to their engines, batteries, chassis, bodywork and interior!

Handling are excellent, both on the road as well as off-road.

ETF-SOIOS vehicles comply with all technical requirements and safety regulations for use on public roads.