ETF-SOIOS is a Dutch company which develops, manufactures, operates and sells innovative eco-friendly electric-powered vehicles worldwide. ETF-SOIOS is the number one player in the market for passenger and goods transport, which distinguishes itself with high quality solar powered vehicles. ETF-SOIOS provides mobility solutions to any operation with specific requirements and applications. ETF-SOIOS further advises Governments and businesses in the area of filling their mobility objectives and develops projects in the field of sustainable (inner city)mobility.

The production and sale of the ETF-SOIOS Solar SunShuttle initially started in 2011. Meanwhile, our vehicles demonstrated on numerous applications to be extremely effective and reliable especially within natural environments and in urban situations. Our clients experience that low energy consumption and low operating costs can go hand-in-hand with high effectiveness and multifunctionality.


The key of ETF-SOIOS's success lays in an innovative combination of high-quality solar cells, light weight constructions and a powerful drivetrain with maximum efficiency without energy loss.

Market knowledge and experience indicate that in many cases not only a vehicle is desired, but also its exploitation. ETF-SOIOS has therefore founded a special organization that's able to assist its clients with its extended knowledge and experience for the complete operation of a vehicle. The starting point for these activities is a corporate social responsibility and this is when possible, the approach chosen by activities in the area of training and education. This may include use of staff with distance to the regular labour market.

ETF-SOIOS is able to participate in other areas if such is desired in relation to the realisation of a project.