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movin’ on sunshine

High quality solar powered electric drive vehicles

SOIOS is the number one player in the market for passenger and goods transport


Total cost of ownership (TCO) ROI within 1 or 2 years


o   Total cost of ownership is 78% less compared to combustion engine vehicles

o   Energy savings 92% less compared to combustion engine vehicles

o   Maintenance costs 77% lower compared to combustion engine vehicles

o   Cost effective operated


Zero-emission, eco friendly


o   First Solar driven touristic roadtrain

o   No emission of harmful gases

o   Fully aware of the environment and nature

o   Low noise


Heavy-duty, high performance


o   Soios understands your challenges & has the experience and knowledge to solve them

o   Completely reliable & robust

o   Fits on all surroundings, from asphalt to dirt roads and narrow streets

o   Can be used in hilly area’s with gradients up to 20%

o   Range of 120 km per day (up to 300 km with Lithium batteries)

-   120 km without solar energy

-   8-10 km additional range per hour of sun

o   SunShuttle is versatile (“an all purpose vehicle”)

-   Passenger transport

-   Luggage transport

-   Transport of goods and materials

-   Combination of different wagons is an option


The Sunshuttle can be made completely to your own design


o   Corporate style and themes, on customer's wishes

o   Customer-specific audio visual systems

o   SunShuttle supports your business or attraction in an appropriate and sustainable manner.

o   Approved to ride on all public roads in Europe.



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